"Ely Multimedia has been a joy to work with when creating our website. They put us the customer first and gave us an extremely professional web page and logo design. Their page design provides us with the ability to edit ourselves with ease anytime we want. The turn around time from concept to completion was just a matter of a few days. We have received so many compliments already. I highly recommend Ely Multimedia for all your webpage needs."

~ Randy Casstevens, Fit-n-Finish LLC

"Chad came to my rescue last week when my videographer fell terribly ill and I was sitting with a deadline and raw footage not knowing what to do. I put out a call on FB, and Chad answered right away. He pushed some stuff to the side, helped by both by phone and internet and within a few hours, boom, it was pieced together. I had not even noticed the sound was only on one side of the video and he caught this and totally fixed it."

~ Donna L. Stevens

"If your looking to have a good website or video done you would be hard-pressed to find someone as good as Ely Multimedia."

~ Patrick Podpadec, Liam Guitars

"I've been in the multimedia business since 1986. I've been employed by many studios and have worked as a consultant to others. Without a doubt, Chad and his company are the finest. I highly recommend him (them). Save yourself time searching... he's all you'll need for anything."

~ Joe Acerra

"I found Chad to be easy to work with. He strives to give you what you want. He listens and offers ideas to make each project as best as possible while keeping within the budget. Very serious and professional person."

~ John Hoeringer

"I couldn't be happier with my band's new website, thanks to Chad Ely. He's brilliant with multi-media and explains every detail you need to know. Kudos to Chad!"

~ Alan Greene, The Alan Greene Band

"It has been said that the all the great people throughout history are only as great by the people that surround them. Under that scenario I have to consider myself great.

Yesterday morning I meet with my web master to revise and update my web site. We began at 10:30 with the expectation of being finished around noon. Well that did not happen and I ended the session having dinner with the family. I finally got back to the office at 8:30 this evening. A full 10 hours of work and comradery.

If you look up the definition of “genius” in the dictionary, you would find his picture next to the discerption. What amazes me about him is the fact he has a staff of about 18, scattered all over the world. You have to love todays advanced communication capabilities to be able to sit down in front of 3 huge monitors and perform the work we did in a few hours that would take a normal “web site designer” 3 or 4 weeks to do. However, that is not what truly makes him great. What this man can do in developing a web site is similar to what Steve Jobs did for Apple.

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